Thursday, June 5, 2008

Your Corporate America Peers

Beware "someday." You will hear this word a lot within the walls of Corporate America. If you had a nickel for every person you talk to and hear "Someday, I'm going to pursue this small business opportunity ...." A good barometer of your own readiness and willingness to pursue this path can be found in your belief in what your cohorts are saying. Over time, you will likely realize that 90+% of these folks will never in fact come close to taking that plunge.

It's not your place to point this out to your peers. What's the value in that? And remember, "there but for the grace of God go you"! The golden handcuffs and the perception of security are strong within those walls. My conviction is that the companies want you to believe in those. The more you do, the more those intangibles help to keep you there.

But don't allow yourself to fall victim to the "someday" story. The trap here is that you find yourself telling that "someday" story year after year. And the next thing you know, you too are handcuffed and thinking about that plunge you planned to take.

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