Monday, November 17, 2008

Job Security, Where Art Thou?

This is not an "I told you so" post, but I would suggest that now is an opportune time to consider personal biases about job security.  Personally, I'm not sure that such a thing exists anymore, but for those that do, I think it's hard to argue that Corporate America shares your opinion.  See today's news from Citi as just the latest example.  It is simply the latest, unfortunate example of the need to keep your head up and look out for yourself.  Here in Richmond, we continue to watch the slow, painful death of Circuit City.  Some of the quotes coming out of those let go remind me of the admonition to be careful how much you love a company, because it can't love you back.  

Reframe your thinking about skills and the investment you are making in your future.  This month's INC magazine has an interesting article that helps to reframe the influence of small business in America.  How are you investing in your future?  

Job security is up to you.  It is imperative that you create and build a strong and competitive skill set.  It may be easy to think of job retraining and job loss as something that happens to auto workers in the Midwest, but the current changes are broad and large.  As the country's economy evolves beyond manufacturing, the impact of job losses are necessarily going to extend beyond the traditional sources.  

Small business can also be an area where your skills are more essential and flexible.  These are key variables during a downturn.  Cuts at major corporations are made at an impersonal level.  You have an ability to establish your worth in the small business space and also to extend a network of contacts to many businesses that operate in this space relative to the smaller number within Corporate America's industry verticals.

Some food for thought during these rapidly changing times.

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