Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Thrill of Hearing "Yes"

Get your mind out of the gutter! I'm talking about the entrepreneurial rush from hearing a client say "yes" to your proposal. For those of you in the space already, you know of what I speak. For those of you looking out from the cubicle farm and wondering, I share this with you as something I had not fully considered before I began.

The experience has some important differences from the experience of a sale. Additionally, the rush can be found in establishing relationships other than just selling something. The reason is that in this space that "yes" is a vote for you. Work gets done in the smaller business space based on relationships. Nothing earth-shattering in that statement and it does extend beyond this arena, but it is particularly true with owners of small and mid-sized businesses.

Networking and relationship-building constantly present new and unique opportunities for entrepreneurs. All of these go through phases with their own highs and lows, but the "yes" is the final affirmation that the investment is paying off. What can amaze many is the pace at which you can get there. Entrepreneurs will operate on feel--sometimes for better and sometimes for worse. This eliminates many of the dances that lead to sales, partnerships, or other relationships in Corporate America.

While the "yes" is an indication that you are heading towards another payday of some sort, the lasting encouragement comes from the reality of attacking the work you anticipated during development of the relationship and the sense of control you have in making that reality a success. It tells you that someone believes in you--someone who you often did not even know a couple of months prior! They believe your vision, and they believe you will do what you say can do.

I've used other posts to provide some reality checks, but on a cloudy day with pending drizzle here in Virginia, I'll keep today's focused up. This is truly a unique reality for entrepreneurs, and one that you have to experience to appreciate. You got the "yes" and you are in control of fulfilling the promises. Congratulations, celebrate, and then go do it again!

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